CEO’s Greetings

“ Impress Our Customers. Best Quality. Best Service. Best Solution. ”

We would like to thank you for visiting our website.

Based on the QA system, our company has done our best to manufacture balance testers requiring precision for automobiles, ships, aerospace and other rotating products by developing technologies and analyzing customers’ requirements for the past thirty years. As a result, we could contribute to the growth of vibration fields in the domestic and overseas industrial lines.

Also, based on accumulated technical skills and know-how over the years, we have gained great favorable comments and trust of many customers who have used our automation machines as well as large measuring instruments and machineries of special features that are hard to manufacture in Korea.

In the future, our balance testing machines will contribute to building an advanced industrial country and meet the special needs of our customers. In addition, we will make great efforts to improve the quality of the automatic tester and balance tester and develop related technologies.. We will also become a company that can impress the customers and grow together with our customers.

We promise that we will make great effort to provide better services and more satisfaction to our customers.


Ju Yong-suk